All Star Program Info

Coastal Cape Baseball All Star Season

For many, the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, represents the ultimate climax of the Little League season. But the "road to all stars," where millions of kids and their families participate annually in postseason tournaments, can be just as important and exciting.

Playing on an All Star team is a privilege and goes beyond just talent. Players and Coaches that are selected to the All Star team are expected to represent Coastal Cape Baseball with the highest degree of sportsmanship and respect for their community, teammates, coaches, opponents, umpires, and spectators.

Coastal Cape Baseball postseason play is structured a little differently than the regular season. Hopefully, this guide will help you through the process to ensure all players and families have a great All Star baseball experience.

  • We will be holding a 1-day All Star Evaluation Day. Date TBD.
  • All Star coaches will be selected by the board prior to the evaluation.
  • All Star coaches will run their own evaluation.
  • Players will be graded on throwing, catching, hitting, fielding, running, and pitching.
  • If you are selected for the All Star team, you will be notified within 1 week after evaluations and be required to register.
  • Each team will have 12 players
All Stars Time Commitments
  • The All Stars schedule is demanding and runs from approximately mid-June to about the end of July. 
  • Teams will play 2-3 tournaments
  • Families must commit to attending 100% of the events on the schedule.
  • Schedules for each tournament weekend are not released to the league until the week of that tournament. Typically, you should plan on playing Friday through Sunday, though a few tournaments will start Thursday evening – that is the exception.  The schedule is forwarded to your coach, and then to each of you as soon as we get it. This can make for last-minute scheduling but is unavoidable.
Parents Responsibilities
  • Once your player is selected to an All Star team you will be notified and sent a link for online registration.
  • There is an additional cost for participation of $150
  • Parents are responsible for transportation of your player to all practices, games and tournaments.
  • Remember that this is an All Star team − playing positions, playing time and batting order is totally up to the coach’s discretion. Just because your player was a pitcher or shortstop during the season doesn’t mean that is where they will play in All Stars. There is a minimum play rule − everyone will play!!
  • All Star Tournaments will feel competitive. The best of each league has been chosen to play in these tournaments.
  • Remember, your biggest responsibility is to both our players and coaches. Set a good example of support and sportsmanship. Be loud and proud, both in winning and losing.
  • A team parent will be assigned to help coordinate communication and answer any questions that may arise.
Player Responsibilities
  • Players must attend all practices and games which will take place starting at the end of June and the entire month of July.
  • Players will need to arrive on time for all tournament games, and be prepared − dressed in the league-provided uniform, with any needed equipment.
  • The tournaments are often on hot summer weekends − make sure your player has drinks and snacks to keep up the energy.
  • The tournaments take a lot out of the kids − making sure they get a good night’s sleep is essential.

Playing on the Coastal Cape All Star team is a great honor, yet comes with a demanding commitment. The rewards are many and worth the effort. For any questions not addressed here, please contact us at TBD

See you at the field!


9U Team

Age 9

Game Days: Summer Weekend Tournaments
Practice Days: 2-3 Weekday Practices

10U Team

Age 10

Game Days: Summer Weekend Tournaments
Practice Days: 2-3 Weekday Practices

11U Team

Age 11

Game Days: Summer Weekend Tournaments
Practice Days: 2-3 Weekday Practices

12U Team

Age 12

Game Days: Summer Weekend Tournaments
Practice Days: 2-3 Weekday Practices