Our 11U team traveled to Falmouth this weekend for their first Tournament. Their first game was under the lights against MV. There is no other way to put it, they struggled. They were rusty in the field and did not hit well. The result was a disappointing 11-0 loss.  

The boys came back on Saturday showed much improvement. They played competitive games against both Belmont and Dartmouth and had a chance to win both games. Final scores were: 7-5 against Belmont and 8-6 against Dartmouth.  

Against Belmont, Colin Potter pitched a Great game and Hayden Cook came inches from hitting a home run out of the park.  Zac Martin, Michael Webster, Jean-Louis Marjollet, Hayden Cook And Colin Potter all scores runs.  

Against Dartmouth, the boys played their Best game in the field and at the plate. Tyler Ayer started and pitched a Great game. Jake Larivee, Tyler Ayer, And  Zac Martin all scored runs.  

Though they ended the Tournament 0-3, the boys played their hearts out on Saturday and parents and coaches were proud of their effort. They also got many compliments from parents and coaches of other teams about how they never gave up. With one Tournament under their belt, and many positives to build on, the 11U team is looking forward to hosting their home tournament next weekend.


Photos: Chris Cook Photography