We are nearing the end of the season and wanted to send out a reminder to please sell and turn in those raffle tickets! We have great prizes for Raffle Winners as well as Top Sellers!

At this point we are nearing the final 2 weeks leading up to the Championship Games/Closing Day Cookout on 6/15. We still have many tickets outstanding and we are appealing to families to help their players sell their tickets.

2019 MLL Raffle Letter & Prize List

Each player has received 20 raffle tickets to sell. We are requiring that each player sells all their tickets. This is our leagues only fundraiser and we need a successful raffle in order help us continue to keep MLL as one of the most affordable youth sports organizations around and also help fund financial scholarships to families that cannot afford to pay for Little League for their player. It also helps us to make continued improvements to our fields, pay for other field use, upgrade equipment and training tools for all players to benefit from, and purchase end of year awards. We ask parents to encourage your kids to reach out to family and friends for support!

The Snack Shack is open M,T, TH, F nights and all day Saturdays – tickets and money can be left at the drop box. Please be sure to put your tickets in an envelope with your player’s name on it, along with the money so they get credit for his/her sales. The earlier you can turn in your tickets in, the better – but the absolute deadline is the morning of the Closing Day Cookout on 6/15.

*All Star players must sell & turn in their raffle tickets before their All Star season begins.

Please help us make this the best Fundraiser yet!!!!

Thank you,